How to Install the Access Lorado Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Most people buy pickup trucks to carry their gear as they move from one place to another. Cargo carried on the back of the pickup is exposed to external elements that may damage them. To prevent against these, drivers get tonneau covers that come in many shapes and styles. Out of all the covers available in the market, the soft covers are the easiest to install.
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The Access Lorado roll-up cover is one best example of a soft cover, below are steps to follow when installing it.

Install the Cover Side Rails

Start by installing the side rail with the weather strip facing the inner part of the bed rail. Push the rail slightly forward so that it touches the front of the truck bed. The part of the side rail with the strike should face the rear. Attach the upper part of the rail flush to the top of the truck bed and hold it in position using a spring clamp. Make sure the first clamp is as close to the front of the truck bed as possible.

Install the second clamp at the midway point of the truck bed. The last clamp should be attached at the tailgate to ensure the side rail does not move around. Tighten the clamps to make sure the rail does not move around.

Apply the Element Seal

Use the alcohol pad provided to clean the top surface at the front of the truck bed. You can wash it first if you need to. Peel the paper of the adhesive backing and apply making sure it attaches firmly across the truck bed from one corner to the other.
Access Lorado logo with a picture of the product

Align the Tension Adjusters

This tonneau cover comes rolled to its normal position to make installation easy. To attach it, set the pre-rolled cover over the tailgate making sure the front bar is facing up. Roll the cover bar onto the front of the rails. Make sure the straps are hanging inside the truck bed and push the cover bar towards the front of the bed till it sits flat on the side rails. Repeat the process on all tension adjusters.

Insert the bolts from the top and the nuts and washers from the bottom. Tighten the nut while holding the bolt at the top. Repeat this step for all the tension adjusters. Place the front bar on the centre between the two side rails. Tighten the bolts under all the tension adjusters and you are good to go.

By: James Langston
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