Important Facts about Gibson Exhausts

Gibson Performance is a leading manufacturer of high performance and street legal exhaust systems for SUVs and trucks. The exhausts are available in stainless or aluminized steel and are remarkably engineered to guarantee maximum performance of the engine. All Gibson exhausts are designed for a hassle free installation with professional results. These exhaust systems exceed the performance levels of most other systems on the market.
Gibson exhaust

The main things that set Gibson exhausts apart from the rest in the market is that they are reliable, cost-effective and trouble-free power producing systems.

Why Gibson Exhausts Are The Best?

When it comes to aftermarket exhausts, nothing out there sounds, performs or looks better than the Gibson performance exhausts. Gibson performance has a team of highly qualified research and development professionals that invest many hours to make the products perform better and stay competitive. Gibson is committed to quality, value and technology and develops state-of-the-art products to improve the sound and performance of the vehicle.
Gibson exhaust on a Jeep

What Makes Gibson Different?

Gibson exhausts are all about the power. They deliver power in the 2,000 to 4,000 rpm range. Most other competing exhausts will need more power in the 5,000 to 6,000 rpm range. This high rpm range is not applicable on street vehicles. These exhausts also have a great sound that is not very disturbing. The exhausts are "quieter in the cab" than other exhausts and a little bit louder at the tailpipe. The sound at the tailpipe is controlled and not as disruptive as in other systems. The exhaust piping, muffler cases and "flow tuning" chambers of Gibson exhausts are made with thicker and more durable materials.

Power Source

In a typical stock muffler, the exhaust restriction is around 34% or more. With Gibson mufflers, there is only a 5% restriction. Gibson performance is able to achieve these levels since every muffler is custom power tuned for specific levels. Most other aftermarket mufflers will have restrictions of around 20%. This is the main reason why Gibson exhausts have consistently outperformed other exhausts in the labs on the "flow bench tests".

Another factor that leads to more power is the mandrel bent pipes the company uses. These keep the diameter of the pipes constant through the bends. The consistent size makes sure the exhaust pulse passes smoothly without any power robbing restrictions.
Gibson exhaust and a woman on a jeep

Performance Gains You Can Expect

Typical performance gains vary depending on the exhaust you choose. The fuel injected V-8 will give you anything between 10 and 25 horsepower. For V-6 applications, expect anywhere between 10-15 horsepower. In the end, the performance you gain will depend on your specific vehicle.

By: James Langston
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