Hypertech Performance Tuners Improving the Performance

Hypertech performance tuners are some of the most reliable performance upgrading products currently on the market. Hypertech has a team of mechanical, computer and electrical engineers dedicated to creating tuners and other performance enhancement accessories. Hypertech has a wide range of products for those who want to tune up their vehicles at affordable costs.

Hypertech Max Energy Programmer

The Hypertech Max Energy performance tuner is designed for a wide range of vehicles from SUVs to Sports cars. Max Energy programmer is able to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes while at the same time providing you with a clear explanation as to what the codes mean. Max Energy tuning will extract every bit of energy out of the fuel to increase power at wide open throttle and miles at part-throttle. The Max Energy has optimized spark and fuel curves over the entire RPM band for improved horsepower, torque and engine efficiency. With more power, drivers end up using less fuel when accelerating or cruising.

Hypertech Max Energy ECON

The Hypertech Max Energy E-CON is made for those who want more power and better mileage but do not want to pay for high-performance features they do not necessarily need. This is the best alternative to the Hypertech Max Energy programmer. The ECON is programmed with the Max Energy tuner to ensure it pulls out all the energy from the fuel for better performance and power. Consumers who have used the ECON claim to have experienced miles per gallon (mpg) gains of between 2 and 6 accompanied with substantial increase in torque and horsepower.

Hypertech HyperPAC

With the Hypertech HyperPAC, you can power tune your vehicle for more horsepower, perform like its running on a drag strip, monitor the engine and transmission, dyno test the engine to monitor gains after modifications and diagnose engine problems. The HyperPAC is a computer that you plug into the diagnostic port to collect all the important data. It has a high-resolution 3-inch x 4-inch touch screen that makes it easy for you to operate.

Hypertech Max Energy Sport

The Hypertech Max Energy Sport is the newest addition to the company’s portfolio. It captures the essence of Hypertech’s power tuning that has led innovation in the tuning industry for 20 years. The Max Energy sport allows you to return your vehicle’s stock parameters at anytime you choose without affecting your warranty.

Hypertech Interceptor Power Tuning Kit

The Interceptor Power Tuning Kit is a bolt-on affair that allows you to maximize power and control both on and off road. It has a display that allows drivers to store multiple setups and change them as they go.

By: James Langston
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