How Nitto Tires Takes the Heat to The Streets

There’s nothing as sleek as a set of wide, bold and smooth street tires with slim sidewall to incorporate your favorite rims? When you’re stepping into your car ready to roll down the street for a day or a night out, such tires produce the kind of style you want to identify with. Nitto tires understand what the ideal classy street tire is about and have set out to create not just one but eight street tire models for street car enthusiasts. Let us take a look at four of the most outstanding Nitto street tire models.

Nitto Neo Gen Tires

Nitto Neo Gen tires are the new generation series of street tires. They have a creatively designed rib with a wide serrated tread pattern all through. If you have a low riding vehicle then this tire will help you deal with the cambering effect experience when driving over bumps and high obstacles through its robust inner shoulder block. You can thus breathe easy and forget about having to give up your low profile street car’s riding height.

Nitto NT05 Tires

So there might not be much to the name of the street tire model but that’s until you see the tire itself. The Nitto NT05 oozes smoothness. It bears a gleaming luster in its black surface that you won’t see on many street tires out there. How is it constructed? Advanced computer simulation and extensive on track testing were used to come up with the Nitto NT05 tire. The result was a maximum performance tire that stretched as wide as 8 inches on 15 inch diameter option and an entire foot on the 20 inch variety.
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Nitto INVO Tires

From a desire to apply modern scientific methods in order to invent new tire designs, the Nitto Invo was born. This tire is the only model in the line-up that uses Variable Pitch technology, a construction approach that makes the tire significantly minimize both internal and external noise while you are driving. Its tread areas have quite the combination of interesting design choices. It has a continuous center rib that runs full circle along the tire’s circumference. But unlike most tires, this rib does not lie squarely at the center of the tread area. It actually stretched on the outer edge away from the car body.

Nitto NT420S Tires

The fourth model in my list of top rates Nitto street tires is the Nitto NT420S Tire. If you are looking for an entry level high performance tire for your street car, then this is it. It takes advantage of radial technology and a uni-directional tread design that angle the tread grooves towards the center rib in order to pump more power moving forward.

By: Sean Bowes
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