GoodYear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 Tires

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  • Enhanced steering
  • Racing inspired design
  • Lightweight construction
  • Exceptional stopping power
  • Reduced road noise
  • A new tread compound with motorsport resins helps provide superior dry handling
  • Lightweight, racing-derived construction helps reduce unsprung mass for enhanced steering precision and handling
  • Active braking technology offers enhanced stopping power on wet and dry roads
  • Advanced tread block pattern helps reduce excessive road noise


The Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 is Goodyear's Max Performance Summer tire developed for the drivers of high performance sports cars, coupes and sedans. In addition to being designed to deliver improved handling and steering response, the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 features Goodyear ActiveBraking Technology to enhance stopping performance on dry and wet roads. However, like all summer tires, it is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 Tires are Now 25% Off Plus Free Shipping! Engineered specifically for the demanding needs of high performance drivers, the Eagle Asymmetric 2 racing tire from Goodyear is a step above the competition, incorporating the very latest in tire technology. Motorsport resins in F1 tires enhance handling on dry surfaces with lightweight racing derived construction for exceptional steering. Innovative features provide superior stopping power on wet or dry roads and noise cancelling properties.

Engineered for high performance racing inspired performance, Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 ROF tires from Goodyear are designed to provide excellent feedback, enhanced steering and superior control. Lightweight construction reduces unsprung mass that enhances precision. Innovative tread designs increase stopping power on wet or dry surfaces. With specially formulated tread blocks that reduce road noise, Eagle F1 tires make driving smooth and comfortable. RunOnFlat technology from Goodyear allows those with a flat or deflating tire travel for 50 miles with a top speed of 50MPH.