GF-X Wheels Articles and Reviews

The Most Popular G-FX Wheels in the Market
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There is a reason certain wheel models are choice over others. Sometimes it has something to do with how they look and quite often is has more to do with how they perform. The majority of off road riders who starts off from a beginner level may take some time to differentiate good looking brands from well performing ones.
G-FX's Comprehensive Line Up of Consumer Wheels
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G-FX has a comprehensive line of consumer wheels for today’s driver. They are made in a variety of sizes, colours and for various vehicle types. The G-FX ATV line was the latest addition to its lineup of wheel models. As a division of Voxx wheels, the quality guaranteed here is equal to those enjoyed by Voxx wheel customers.
GF-X: A New Wheel Brand for Off-Roaders
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If you’re a car junkie like the rest of us, then you already know that Voxx Wheels has been producing quality aftermarket wheels for a long time. However, off-roaders have never been able to enjoy the pleasures of their high performance wheels. For 25 years, their company’s leaders have focused on European and Tuner cars. Finally, they have a new brand for truck owners! G-FX Wheels is latest off-road wheel company from Voxx. Check Them Out HERE.