Get to Know Different Opening Styles of Hard Tonneau Cover

If you want to secure your cargo against thieves and other weather elements such as dust, snow, rain and wind, then a hard bed tonneau cover is the right choice for you. However, the question is which cover is the best for you? There are a number of differences between the varieties of tonneau covers. However, the key thing to consider most is the opening style that best suit all your needs. Even though, the soft tonneau cover is customized to exactly fit to the size of the truck bed opening, a hard tonneau cover is molded and shaped to the exact uniqueness and characteristics of your truck.
Blue Ford F-150 with hard tonneau cover

Opening Styles

One of the opening styles common among hard tonneau covers is folding. A folding hard tonneau cover features multiple panels that easily fold flat on top of each other, hence enabling a partial-bed access. However, some of the covers enable you to fold all the panels against the cab window into to facilitate a full-bed access. This type of hard tonneau cover can strongly support heavy cargo as well as evenly distributed weight loads and hence you can use them as workbench. It is the best hard tonneau cover if you need full or partial bed access, easy protection and solid security.
Dodge Ram with hard tonneau cover

Roll Up Hard Tonneau Covers

A roll-up hard tonneau cover features a tough vinyl material on the top and an interlocking aluminum slats underneath it. With this type of hard tonneau cover, you can easily grab your gear without necessarily opening the cover. This cover gives you the sleek appearance that is common with soft cover, however provides you with a maximum security of a hard cover. It is the best cover for you if you require solid security, seamless styling, and full bed access.

Hinged Hard Tonneau Covers

A hinged hard tonneau cover is a one-piece cover that are built from ABS plastic or fiberglass. The cover can be painted to match your truck’s color and give you a unique look. It is attached at the front of the truck bed; however, it tilts upward from the tailgate when you open it. If you require weatherproofing, security in addition to style, then this is the best cover for you.
White Ford Raptor with hard tonneau cover

Retractable Hard Tonneau Covers

A retractable hard tonneau cover uses interlocking aluminum slats that not only extend from but also retract into a drum that is located inside your truck bed. It features a low-profile design that adds style and class to your truck. It is the best cover for you if you want silky-sleek operation, sleek styling and maximum security.

By: Jon Aragon
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