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CST Performance suspension manufactures the highest quality 2WD lift, leveling kits, four-wheel drive lift kits, spindle lift kits, shocks and accessories for 4WD or 2WD. Everything that CST designs, ranging from leveling kits to lift kits, has been proudly made in the United States. The company continues to stand strong behind their belief of building the highest quality lift kits, as well as the best suspension components using the best materials.
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Extensive Line Range

CST is proud to provide an extensive and complete range of 2WD lift spindles on the motor vehicle industry. One of the major products coming from CST is the fabricated lift spindles. Every fabricated lift spindle is designed with laser cut ¼ inch steel. The lift spindles feature CNC machined ball joint tapers.

CST has expanded 2WD spindle line-up for the last few years by introducing ductile cast-iron lift spindle for Canyon 2003-2008, 2004-2010 Colorado, 2000-2010 GM 2500hd. The lift spindles come with all the necessary install hardware you require. Therefore, CST 2WD spindle lift kits and lift spindles are the best choice for an improved tire and ground clearance for a better off-road use.
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Quality Construction

Like everything else, CST constructs lift kits that are engineered beyond the existing industry standards. Currently, they offer different kinds of lift height options with reduced CV angle change and minimal trac-width on IFS 4WD’s. You can easily drop your IFS 4WD lift kits lower arm by using one-piece tubular sub-frame that can easily install smoothly thus providing you with a good ground clearance.

Just like 2WD lift spindles most of the IFS 4WD lift kits from CST use laser cut, CNC machined as well as fabricated spindles. With the CST lift kits, you get all the instructions you require in addition to all the hardware you need for smooth installation.
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The Newest Accessories from CST

The newest accessory that you can get from CST is the pro series and dirt-series shocks. The shocks feature hard-anodized finish and you can get various applications for your truck. CST currently offer 2.0 reservoir shocks, 2.0 emulsion shocks, 2.5 shocks with reservoir, 2.5 coil-overs in addition to a limited line range of 14-way adjustable 2.5 inches and coil overs.

CST Dirt-Series and Pro-series kits are the best addition to CST lifts, leveling and coil-over kits. Most of the Pro-Joint or uni-Ball and provide extended droop travel. CST also offers shackles skid-plates, steering stabilizers, street-series shock line and lift blocks among other products.

By: Jon Aragon
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