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Gear Alloy Wheels
Off road explorations can be something else! While your vehicle may give you the thrill of being on the road, the rough bumpy rides are not something to look forward to. However, you can make your journeys more worthwhile by ensuring that you have the right type of wheels to match the power of your vehicle.

If you are an off road fan, you need wheels that will be able to withstand the rugged terrain and at the same time remain strong and unbeaten. There is no cause for alarm as Gear Alloy Wheels have got you covered.

Replacing your wheels with Gear Wheels will make your off road trip bearable. The wheels of different types, styles and designs are made of high quality material that is made to last. Additionally, their unique designs will leave people admiring your truck. Here are a sample of the greatest additions you can give your truck or SUV.

719 MB Back Country Machined Wheels

These wheels are excellent if you plan to go off road. The one piece aluminum material used makes them tough enough to be able to maneuver through the rock strewn terrain. They have a machined face dotted with carbon black accents that gives it a rough look that matches with the road it treads. These wheels are available in sizes of 18-20 inches. They are definitely outstanding and will give people something to look at.
Gear Alloy 738MB Switchback Satin Black Wheels

738MB Switchback Satin Black Wheels

If you are into getting yourself wheels that are splashy and a real style statement, 738 MB Switchback Satin Black Wheels are for you. The combination of strength and high quality finishes are features that you won’t find in many other wheels. These wheels have mirrored machined spoke accents and gold- tone cadmium Plated bolts. They are available in different sizes to suit your needs.

Nitro Chrome Wheels

The off roads may be tough but with Nitro Chrome Wheels your journey just got better. These wheels which are available in 17, 18 and 20 inches are built of one piece aluminum material making them strong and durable. They come with a 5, 6 and 8 bolt pattern around the center cap. They are also chrome plated to make them stand out.
Gear Alloy Wheels

725MB Dominator Satin Black Wheels

Wheels that are built to stand out from the rest are an eye catcher. 725 Dominator Satin Black Wheels give your truck the kind of shine it deserves before getting on that dirt road. The wheels that are made of one piece aluminum have 5, 6, and 8 bolts addition and can cruise any road that you put them up to. With these wheels, your truck’s enhanced performance will leave you yearning for more off road adventures.

By: James Langston
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