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Gear Wheels - Deep Discounts Plus Free Shipping! Gear Alloy Wheels are specifically forged with aluminum alloy to provide a stronger and lighter wheel. This offers added strength when driving off road, as well as improving millage and minimizing the stress on your brakes. Gear Wheels are specifically designed for trucks, Jeeps, and SUV’s for both on and off road driving. They are available in multiple sizes and bolt patterns to fit all of those vehicles and more. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

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Off road explorations can be something else! While your vehicle may give you the thrill of being on the road, the rough bumpy rides are something that you do not look forward to. However, you can make your journeys more worthwhile by ensuring that you have the right type of wheels to match up the power of your vehicle. If you are an off road fan, you need wheels that will be able to withstand the rugged terrain and at the same time remain strong and unbeaten.
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If you are an off road enthusiasts who likes his truck with a little bit more height then you know that the best suited wheels to have are sturdy wheels that can take massive pressure from both the truck body and the road. Gear Wheels are made for this exact purpose. They fit into any off road truck and SUV and are favourites for Jeep and Dodge drivers.
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When it’s time to buy new wheels and tires for your ride, there is a lot to consider. Besides figuring out if you’re going for a Carbon Black Machined wheel or a flashy Chrome finish, you need to know which wheels will work for the street as well as the off-road. Gear Wheels has just rolled out a bunch of wheels that are sure to turn heads on the strip, and the trails. Click Here to check out these sick Gear Wheels.
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The rim designs are strong, bold and cutting edge. The spoke styles range from solid to split. Many gear wheels feature machined accents on the spokes or the rim lips, even cadmium plated Gold Tone lip accents. The wheel finishes gloss or satin black to a great carbon black, as well as chrome plated and PVD. Each Rim features the Gear logo proudly on the Center cap. To make your shopping easier we offer Videos on most all of their wheels as well as multiple images.

So if you are looking for wheels with solid construction, and great designs with bold finishes, we suggest you consider a Gear Wheel.

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