Fuel's Broad Range of Deep Lip and Dually Wheels

Fuel is one off road wheel manufacturer that likes to create options for drivers. They have a wheel variety than spans the entire off-road spectrum of driving needs. We discussed the pros and cons of both approaches to wheel construction and the different ways which Fuel integrates each method into the wheels. Today we are going to look at two more Fuel Off road wheel categories that have quite a range of wheel models. I’m talking about Fuel’s Deep lip wheels and Dually wheels.
Red jeep four door

Deep Lip Wheels

Fuel’s Deep Lip wheels have huge negative offsets and relatively large rim widths. There is a collective of ten wheel series under Fuel’s deep lip wheel category including the Octane, Krank, Hostage and Dune to name a few. They are made in a variety of spoke patterns and finishes as well. They are all quite large and are thus ideal for all off road vehicles.

Fuel Champ truck
The Octane wheel for instance is made in diameters that begin at 20 inches and extend as far as 22 inches. Its 22 inch model’s rim width is 14 inches wide and has a negative offset range that lies between -44 and -76 inches. Its bolt patterns are also in several options ranging between 5 and 8 bolts. But even with such huge sizes specifications the Deep Lip Octane is made with very stuff one piece construction and has a low weight rating that starts at 32 pounds.

Dually Wheels

Fuel offers six dually wheel series in its line-up that are manufactured to do the job no matter the make of your truck. These wheels work well in a wide range of vehicle makes including Jeeps and GMC/Chevys. They consists of a variety of finishes spoke designs and size specs. But they all feature the signature fuel logo at the center cap that carries the company’s identity for great quality. In addition to this they have a common 8 lug design which is standard for most dually wheels.

Silver Ford F-150
The Fuel Throttle Dually has the widest variety of options amongst the set. It bears an 8 split spoke pattern and has chrome, black milled and custom finish varieties. They are two piece forged wheel that are made in huge 22 and 24 inches. This makes them fit for the street and off road excursions as well given the extra firmness that 2 piece forged construction gives over three piece wheels and cast wheels. They are especially popular with Dodge Ram drivers.

By: Sean Bowes
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