Toyo Tires Will Push the Limits From Racing to Off-Roading

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Way back in 1945, auto fanatic/genius Rikimatsu Tomihisa founded the historic Toyo Tires & Rubber Company. For over twenty years, Toyo Tires delivered the very best tires to all of Asia. However, Mr. Tomihisa and his company always had bigger plans. So in 1966, he packed up shop and opened a new subsidiary in sunny Southern California, becoming the first Japanese tire manufacturer to make their way to the United States. From there, his operation began warehousing and distributing commercial truck tires, growing and growing with each year.

Nevertheless, simple distribution and financial success was never enough for Toyo. Once again, they wanted to push the limits. Toyo wanted to compete and show that their tires were the very best, so they decided to join the racing circuit in the early 80s. By 1989, Toyo Tires had captured three consecutive drive and manufacturer’s titles in the IMSA GTU class of road racing.

Now, more than thirty years since their beginnings in the racing world, Toyo is still winning and garnering a great deal of respect. In fact, every big time driving prospect and star wants a piece of Toyo. Last year, one of the biggest up and coming drivers, Rodrigo Ampudia, joined the Toyo team. In his young career, Ampudia had already racked up a ton of awards and championships, including becoming the first international driver to win a Championship Off-Road Racing (CORR) series race.

When asked about his partnership with Toyo, Ampudia said, “From my earliest days behind the wheel, I learned the absolute necessity of running tires I can trust. Our new partnership with Toyo Tires gives RA Motorsports everything we need to pursue a championship title. I am really excited to be a part of the Toyo Tires racing team as we share the same commitment for performance and innovation.  Toyo is synonymous with quality in the world of Off Road Racing carrying an amazing reputation worldwide.”

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Of course, Ampudia is just one of a handful of drivers on the Toyo team. Some of the others include: BJ Baldwin, Kyle LeDuc, and the most famous and respected of the bunch, Robby Gordon. These drivers have had success and won championships in nearly every form of racing, from road racing to off-road racing to drifting. Their achievements have helped the company once again push the limits of performance and capability. They’ve brought recognition and respect to the Toyo brand, proving the one thing that’s been true since the very beginning: it doesn’t get any better than Toyo Tires.

By: Tim Snyder
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