Four Falken Truck Tire Models for All Your Truck Needs

Falken Tires have been putting off road trucks at the frontline of off-road races for over 30 years now. They have featured in championships such as King of the Hammers where they took the number one title in the Everyman Challenge. The result has been a series of partnerships with dozens of off road racing teams. Not only do Falken tires feature in off road racing series they are also used in off road adventure events such as the Jeep Jamboree USA which signed Falken as its official tire brand. Behind this success of course is a winning formula to how the company designs its truck tires. Falken Tires has made it a priority to optimize its ultra high performance tires for both racing purposes and personal driving needs. This approach is reflected in the four truck tire models it manufactures.
Toyota 4runner

R52 Heavy Duty

The Falken R52 Heavy Duty tire is a versatile tire that can support both heavy duty commercial light trucks and lifted off road trucks. Some of the features that make it qualify as a heavy duty tire are its rigid tread design, its shoulder profile, anti-hydroplaning structure and sidewall construction. The Falken R52 is designed with a rib tread pattern that is longitudinally aligned to maintain perfect stability to the vehicle. This is especially useful for maneuvering around sharp curved. Its deep zig zag grooves resist hydroplaning effects easily while the shoulders of the tire are notched for better traction in every kind of weather condition. Lastly, to keep it lasting, the sidewalls of the Falken R52 are reinforced with a 3 ply structure which layers impenetrable materials that prevent easy puncturing.

Wild Peak A/T

The Falken Wild Peak A/T is an all terrain, all purpose tire that traverses the limits of modern truck tires. It does this by combining critical features that allow it to endure harsh driving conditions. These include the five rib pattern on the treads, rigid block design and internal construction. Just like the R52, the WildPeak A/T has a zig zag rib pattern that prevents hydroplaning. This structure is however aligned near its square shoulder blocks which are aggressively designed with lugs that extend further towards the center rib. They consequently maximize traction on the outer edges of the tire’s contact plane.
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To make it durable and resistant to elements found in all kinds of terrain, the Falken Wild Peak A/T is made with a durable rubber compound and a pair of extra wide steel belts underneath it that reinforce its structure.

Wild Peak HT

While the Wild Peak A/T is built for every terrain, the Wild Peak H/T is specifically meant for highway drives. To achieve this it has been fitted with excellent wet braking and dry handling features. These include a non –directional tread pattern and multi-wave lateral sipes. The sipes allow the tires to clear water streams sideways and also increase braking resistance. One of the most attractive qualities of a highway tire however is its noise cancellation qualities. The WildPeak H/T has incorporated a variable pitch shoulder design to achieve this on ground level.
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Ziex S/TZ05

The Falken Ziex S/TZ05 stands out as one of Falken premium tire designs. This tire was meant to stand out in the truck tire line-up through its tread design, shoulder profile and versatility. The Falken Ziex S/TZ05 features a 5 rib tread pattern that is symmetrical and shaped for exact performance. The center rib is narrow and straight to allow free tire rotation for higher speeds. The tread blocks around the center rib bear a unique diamond pattern that increases traction while maintaining high torque for the truck due to their steeply angled design. On the shoulder we have a combination of features that make the Falken Ziex S/TZ05 a true premium wheel. The shoulder bear alternating narrow and wide grooves which cancel noise by a higher margin through variable pitch phasing. They are stiff and more robust to make cornering and handling easier.

By: Sean Bowes
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