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Focal Wheels 40% Off Plus Free Shipping! Focal Rims are made more for the sport and the import cars. The spoke patterns are neither fancy nor elegant, instead they are designed to offer a sporty look. They are offered in Matte and Gloss Black, as well as Grey and Silver finishes, some wheels do feature machined accents, others painted striping. You get a sporty stylish look with a Focal Wheel. They also feature a clear coat that protects them from corrosion. We are proud to be a premium Dealer for Focal Wheels. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

Focal Wheels Articles and Reviews (4)
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Focal wheels are a brand from Ultra wheels group. This is the company that brought you Platinum wheels and Worx wheels as well. If there is something that Ultra wheels are known for is setting a superior identity to an automobile. This is the same effect that you will note on Focal wheels. Its designs are not over the top with extensively experimental profiles but they are cleanly done to give an executive feel.
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For both beginners and experienced drivers, Focal Wheels have proved to be effective wheels that are worth every dime spent on them. They are amongst the top brands at Ultra wheels and have stood the test of time just like sister brands like Worx and Platinum wheels. They come in a variety of sizes, spoke patterns, colour finishes and lug patterns.
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Focal Wheels brings back a classic wheel style. When it comes to wheels, there are many different styles to choose from. If it’s a rat rod, the possibilities are endless. Yet, even with a subculture that has no rules, it is still easy to identify the timeless styles and custom flavor of rat rods. Lately it seems like the flat black and red trimmed look is starting to make a full come back and Focal Wheel Company is embracing it. Check out what wheels Focal is releasing that have a rat rod soul.
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Focal Wheels for tuner, sport compact and import cars. When you’re driving down the road and see a sweet looking ride with custom wheels and shiny tires, it can be fun to imagine how they would look on your own vehicle. Ultra Wheels, the parent company of Focal Wheels has made it easier for daydreamers to put that vision into a reality. Click Here to find out more putting a set of Focal Wheels on your ride.


The manufacturing process of Focal Rims ensures functionality, quality and strength in the wheels. They undergo quality control standards to make sure that they can accommodate most tire pressure levels. They have unique designs, eye-catching styles and are ideal for on-road and off-road driving. For more information, we invite you to check out the Focal Wheels Website.