Falken Tires Dominate the World Extreme Rock Crawling Championship

The Falken tires team had a good experience at this year’s World Extreme Rock Crawling competition as they devoured the entire podium in the unlimited class. The unlimited race ended with Matt Messer coming in first, Justin Hall coming in second, and Olivia Messer coming in third. During the same event, another Falken tires racer, Massa Tsuda, finished second in the pro modified class race!
Rock crawling

All 4 of these racers were using Falken truck tires to dominate— with the three racers in the unlimited class using Falken WildPeak M/T 38x13.50R17 tires while Tsuda was using WildPeak 37x12.50R17 tires. This event was held in Goldendale and had attracted 29 competitors to compete in four different classes.

Matt Messer who was the winner in the unlimited class said, “Hands down, the Falken tires are the best I have ever run. The WildPeak M/T’s performance and consistency not only helped me win in Goldendale; they were the ‘difference-maker’ that enabled me to win the 2014 Western Series championship.”

Showcase of the winner
The competition between the three Falken team racers was very fierce and Messer edged out Hall just a few runs before the finish line. Hall was disappointed in the end saying that he had a few difficulties during the race and that the car did not cooperate with him as he expected. Hall also said that the weather was all over the place from dusty to super windy. Commenting on the tires he used, he said, “My Falken WildPeak M/Ts would latch onto every rock and clawed me to a respectable second overall finish.”

The World Extreme Rock Crawling Championship

The World Extreme Rock Crawling Championship is based on racers competing against each other and against the clock to determine who is the fastest. In these races, the competitors use their technical capabilities to navigate through the designated obstacle courses; those who veer off course are penalized. The race is won by the driver with the lowest points.

Falken showcase in front of a Jeep
Matt Messer said, “We ran every course with the same set of 38-inch WildPeaks. They held up with zero failures and helped us become champions. “

Nick Fousekis, Falken Director of Motorsports and Event Marketing said that Falken will continue to align itself with key drivers and teams in their off-road ventures so as to establish Wildpeak’s viability and credibility. He added that, “It is extremely gratifying to see how well they perform in these gruelling events. Most importantly, each of these venues serves as both a test market and a validation of how our WildPeaks succeed under even the most extreme conditions.”

By: James Langston
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