Falken Tire Winning Races and Innovating New Tires

For many years, the technology and driving characteristics of Falken's High Performance Tires been derived from various motorsport competition, most recently its win at Nor-Cal Rock Racing Series in Sacramento, California. This race was the perfect example of proving the capabilities of these new tires. Falken Tires , the tire technology developed on tracks is usually transferred to the roads, providing improvements in dry and wet grip, efficiency, comfort and control.

Falken Tire is a brand of Japan's Sumitomo Rubber Industries, with its US headquarters in California. Falken has aggressively bolstered its product range in recent years and launched new products in different niches across the globe. Falken’s latest products range from the Azenis series that include the new FK453 flagship and innovative ZE914, the beast all-terrain WildPeak A/T, HS449 for cold weather and SN832 Ecorun. According to experts, Falken tires are developed with the highest-quality standards and government officials certify all of the production facilities.

Falken Rolls Out Run-Flats

Falken Tires has rolled out a Run-Flat version of high-performance ZIEX ZE914 Ecorun tire. They are suitable for cars designed to run on Run-Flat tires. These tires have excellent wet weather characteristics and rolling resistance, which add the convenience and power of being capable to run your car up to 75-80km at a speed of 80km/h at zero pressure. To achieve the quality and performance, Falken’s engineers have made a number of innovations. Most notable is the addition of dimples to the sidewalls. These features assist to distribute the heat more evenly, improving the tire life by 17 percent at zero pressure.

falk101The days of flat tires are over with Falken’s new Run-Flats.
These innovations to the Run-Flat tire have enabled Falken's engineers to change the design for better mileage and performance. With its strong wet weather grip, Falken has strengthened both the lateral and longitudinal grooves to enhance resistance to aquaplaning. A stiffer outer shoulder offers improved cornering performance in dry condition.

Falken Brings the Very Best

Falken offers high performance replacement and aftermarket tires for diverse range car and truck makes and models. This may explain why the range of Falken’s tires is so extensive. Falken literally covered all bases to give customers the choice for tires that are strong or rigid without sacrificing quality.  Check out some of the different tires available below:
ZIEX ZE-914 Eco These hybrid vehicle tires are fuel efficient and have Low Rolling Resistance, designed with precision in mind. Falken ZIEX ZE-914 Eco features high rigidity rib, which allows excellent wet and dry braking support. It is a great tire for those driving enthusiasts who always look to save fuel.

ZIEX ZE-950 A/S The ZIEX ZE950 A/S Tire features the latest in technology and design from Falken to create a great choice for drivers of sports cars, sedans, and crossover vehicles (CUV) where mileage and superior performance is a priority. It is equipped with Falken's "Canyon Sipe" technology that allows ice braking capability for better handling and enhanced wear.

Falken Tires WildPeak A/T WildPeak A/T features a  rigid block and symmetric five-rib pattern  designs allowing for amazing on-road response and off-road handling, equipped with two stiff, extra-wide steel belts for greater stability.  In addition, wide aggressive multi-angled grooves provide support for maximum mud, water or snow evacuation, while rigid biting block edges offer unparalleled traction and control.
As you can see, these latest tires from Falken look stylish, but enthusiasts should know that when they’re buying a product with the name Falken on the box, they know they’re getting a part that from a company that build, races and sponsors some serious vehicles.

If you have any questions about Falken products and the models that are available, be sure to call the wheel and tire experts at 4WheelOnline at 813-769-2451.

By Sean Bowes
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