Factor 55
Synthetic Rope Spool

Synethetic Rope Spool
  - FACT55-00096
Price: $37.13
Sale Price: $27.85

Factor 55 Synthetic Rope Spool

  • Manufacturer
    • Factor 55
  • Type
    • Synthetic Rope Spool
  • Construction
    • 6000 Series Military Grade Aluminum

Product Features:

  • Lightweight – Precision CNC machined 6000 series Military Grade Aluminum
  • Interfaces with Factor 55 5/8” diameter shear pins
  • Type II clear anodized for corrosion protection
  • Compatible with the following Factor 55 products –ProLink, FlatLink, FlatLink E, Bridle, and UltraHook
  • For synthetic ropes up to 1/2?
  • For synthetic rope soft loop termination

What's Included?

  • Synthetic Rope Spool

Eliminate the heavy steel thimble on the end of your synthetic winch line and replace it with an ultra-light aluminum load spool from Factor 55. These load spools are compatible with all Factor 55 shackle mount products and allow “soft eye” winch line attachment eliminating metal contact to the fairlead. Factor 55 Synthetic Rope Spools are constructed using lightweight precision CNC machined 6 series military grade aluminum.