Fabtech: Where Performance Shocks Give It Their All

Fabtech Motorsports is where all suspension lift kit solutions converge. The company manufactures and distributes suspension lift kits for every known truck brand you can think off. This includes Chevys, Dodges, Fords, Hummers, Jeep, Nissan and Toyota. These lift kits comprise of essential suspension components such as coil springs, block kits, add-a-leaf kits and shock absorbers. They are designed to fit in both two wheel drive vehicles and four wheel drive vehicles so as to cut across the entire trucking market.
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The performance shock category includes three main components, front dual shocks, rear dual shocks and steering stabilizers. When it comes to performance shocks, Fabtech combines the best set of features into these three parts and we will now see why these features matter.

Shock Absorbers

Front Dual Shocks

The essence of a shock absorption system is to dampen the forces that your vehicle’s wheels experiences when travelling over rough roads. The higher the dampening effect of a set of shocks is, the smoother your ride. It allows you consequently to have maximum control on the movement of the car. Fabtech shocks come in dual sets to maximize this cushioning effect.

While the debate on installing dual shock systems has been widespread, its advantages and disadvantages are very clear. If you are planning to perform TRE flips and stunts with your vehicle then having a dual shock system might get in the way of that. But if you are planning on taking normal trips around town or in the outback then you stand to harness better braking and handling power from your tires by installing Fabtech’s front dual shock systems.

Rear Shocks

Ford f-150
The most customary approach of using multiple shocks is to have them installed in the rear wheels. This applies for all sets, be it triple, quad or dual shock systems.

Just like the front dual shocks, Fabtech’s rear shock absorbers are built with:

9/16" Hardened Chrome Piston Rod

1 3/8" OD Piston

Closed Cell Foam insert

High Flow 9 Stage Valving

Polyurethane Bushings

Twin Tube Hydraulic Construction

Lifted Jeep Wrangler
The 9/16 inch chrome piston rod and 1 3/8" OD Piston are designed to build heat tolerance from the pistons. This allows the shock to stay in form after regular usage in rough driving environments. To curb the possibilities of shock fade, Fabtech’s shocks are also fitted with closed cell foam inserts in the foam sleeve.

The effectiveness of the piston is maximized if air pockets are absent during shaft displacement. The foam sleeve thus prevents air pockets from building up inside the cylinder by contracting and expanding as the shaft is displaced. The 9 stage valving system in Fabtech shocks is a valuable feature that enables your shocks to automatically adjust their responsiveness depending on environment. The damping level produced on a rocky excursion will be higher than that produced when crossing bumps on the street.

By: Sean Bowes
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