Fabtech Concept Vehicles

fabtech 3Fabtech is one of the premier suspension lift kit manufacturers.
Over the years, Fabtech has experimented and built project vehicles that showcase Fabtech products and their capabilities. Using various aftermarket upgrades, these vehicles are pieced together like Frankenstein was, except they look like they’ve come from mad scientists with genius minds. Many of these project vehicles have won a number of awards in competitions across the country. The vehicles feature everything from suspension lifts to new, extreme paint jobs. Take a look for yourself.

Fabtech - The Power Storm

The Power Storm is the 2008 Fabtech/Ford project truck. It has received a number of awards, including the 2007 Design Award at the world-renowned SEMA show.

This truck has a big back tire concept (meaning the wheels are wider in diameter) and features four 40 inch tires under the stock style bed. In order to make this happen, Fabtech had to alter and cut the frame to make it 18 inches narrower, so the 50 inches of rubber would fit. The front two wheels also feature two 40 inch tires and are wrapped around custom semi tires, which utilize Fabtech’s own adaptors and lug nuts.

To compliment these monster sized tires, Fabtech installed their own world famous suspension system. For this particular vehicle, they used a 10 inch 4 link system for the front suspension and a ten inch 3 link system for the back suspension. This elevated look allows the Power Storm to intimidate and tower over other vehicles on the road. In addition to all of this, the Power Storm’s truck bed features stainless steel exhaust stacks that are routed through the bottom of the bed. These exhausts add an element of toughness to the entire vehicle.

Fabtech - The Summit Force

The Summit Force was another collaboration with the Ford Motor Company, and it was built with two objectives in mind. The first objective was to build a prototype suspension system, with shocks and other accessories, which could be available to the public in the near future. The other objective was to build a truck that would fit under the “crusher truck” status.

A “crusher truck” is a truck that is built without regard to current safety standards and is only built to push the boundaries and capabilities of typical truck production. At the end of the process, the “crusher truck” is sent back to the manufacturer to be destroyed, or in keeping with its name, crushed.

fabtech summit forceHere is the Summit Force being pieced together.
The Summit Force was built in a little over 120 total man hours. The truck features the classic Fabtech 10 inch, 4 link suspension system, as well as Fabtech Dirt Logic 2.25 Resi Shocks. All of these features helped Fabtech showcase the capabilities of their world class suspension system.

By: Tim Snyder
Posted on October 3rd, 2013
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