Extang Tonneau Cover Accessories

B-Light, 1 kit
  - EXT-315


  • Illuminates the entire bed
  • Universal fit
  • Works with all soft and hard tonneau covers
  • Strategic under-rail placement
  • Contains 8 lights with 6 high-intensity LED bulbs each
  • One switch lights up the whole system
  • Easy installation
  • Covered with a one-year warranty

The B-light system is operated by one control switch that mounts conveniently in the truck cab. The kit contains 8 lights with 6 LED bulbs to illuminate every corner of the truck bed. The B-light system is compatible with all makes and models of pickup trucks. The lights are mounted safely underneath the bed rail to keep them protected from shifting cargo. The lighting system is compatible with every style of tonneau cover and can easily be installed in less than 30 minutes. Each kit includes detailed installation instructions, over 20 feet of wiring and all mounting hardware you need. Make your life brighter with the Extang B-light system!

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Price: $95.64 Sale Price: $66.95

Cargo Cleat, 1 pr
  - EXT-1932


  • Provide quick and easy tie-downs
  • Use with rope, hook strap, and stretch cords
  • No stake holes needed
  • Can be used with Extang tonneau covers installed
  • Time tested nautical cleat design
  • 500 pound load-holding capacity
  • Made of glass filled polymer for extreme durability
  • Rust-free zinc-plated bolts securely hold the clamps in place
  • Sold in pairs
  • Use extra Cargo Cleats™ for larger items and add more as you need them
  • Comes with instructions on rope tying and how to load truck beds properly
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty

Extang's Cargo Cleats feature a unique construction that helped this product win the DaimlerChrysler Design Excellence Award. The cleats are engineered to clamp to the bed's side and allow you to secure your cargo in no time flat. The classic nautical-cleat design will easily accommodate ropes and hook straps, as well as stretch cords. Each cleat is made of ultra-strong glass-filled polymer and is rated to hold up to 500 lb, so whatever cargo you're hauling, these add-ons can handle it. To make sure the cleats will stay in place no matter what, they are secured with zinc plated bolts that also ensure easy repositioning and removal of the cargo cleats. The product can be used with any Extang tonneau cover installed and is covered with a limited lifetime warranty.

Price: $54.21 Sale Price: $37.95

e-Light 500 12V Cradle
  - EXT-417
The e-LIGHT500 cradle fits directly into the Extang Trifecta, Solid Fold 2.0 and e-MAX Tonno.
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Price: $32.79 Sale Price: $22.95

e-Light 500, 1 each
  - EXT-415


  • 50,000 hrs of LED life
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Water Resistant        
  • Battery Charge Indicator
  • Magnetic Base
  • Aluminum heat sink
  • Includes 12V car charger
  • 1-Year Warranty

Extang, proudly announces their partnership with Rigid Industries LED Lighting, Phoenix, to introduce the e-LIGHT 500, a brand new revolutionary bed lighting solution that finally solves the issue of fully lighting your entire truck bed with ease. Developed by Rigid Industries exclusively for Extang, the e-LIGHT 500 is universal, durable, rechargeable, and unrivaled by any other bed lighting product on the market. Welcome to the next generation of bed lighting.

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Price: $141.43 Sale Price: $99.00

MaxSeal Tailgate Seal
  - EXT-1140
  • Universal fit
  • Provides a tight seal between the tailgate and bed
  • Made of EPDM industrial high-strength rubber
  • Do-it-yourself installation - just cut, peel and stick
  • Strong 3M acrylic foam tape
This strong and flexible tailgate seal is a must for all trucks with a tonneau cover, topper, or lid. It keeps moisture and dust out of the truck bed and makes it as snug as a regular car trunk. The MaxSeal is manufactured of all-weather EPDM rubber that is highly resistant to UV, gas, and oil. So be sure, the seal will serve you for years to come. Perhaps the best thing about this seal is that it features universal fit, so you just cut it to the length you need, then peel off the backing paper to expose the adhesive, and sick the seal where it belongs to. You'll be ready to head off in minutes.
Price: $48.50 Sale Price: $33.95

Tonno Tonic, 16 oz bottle
  - EXT-1181


  • Beautifies, Cleans And Protects All In One Step
  • Uses The World’s Most Effective UV Screening Formula
  • 100 Percent Safe For All Vinyl Tonneau Materials Regardless Of Manufacturer, The Only Cleaning Solution Officially Approved For Extang Tonneaus
  • Tested And Approved By Extang The Leader In Tonneau Sales In America
  • A Must Have For Harsh Weather Conditions
  • Tonno Tonic™ Can Also Be Used On Any Other Vinyl, Rubber, Fiberglass, Plastic, Or Leather Surfaces. Does An Outstanding Job On Tires And Will Not Harm Alloy Wheels

Tonno Tonic by Extang. It cleans, beautifies and protects tonneaus in 1 step! Powerful UV protectant that is formulated precisely for Extang tonneau material. Tonno Tonic is the only vinyl cleaner and conditioner approved for use on all Extang tonneaus.

Price: $24.99 Sale Price: $17.49

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