Enjoy a Quiet Ride with a Pro Comp Xterrain Tire

In the present and modern world of technological advancement, vehicles are the man’s first option when it comes to land transportation. One of the key components of vehicles is tires. Pro Comp manufactures all terrain tires. Whether it is on icy, slippery or rough roads, Pro Comp tires provide you with the comfort and performance you need. Furthermore, if you want that quiet performance, then the perfect option for you is the Pro Comp Xterrain tire.
close up view of Procomp's Xterra

Unique Construction

Pro Comp tires feature a unique composition that allows it to be used with lower air psi without being punctured when driving over challenging terrains. The tire is also widely known for running quiet on the highway compared to other all-terrain, off-road and mud-terrain style tires.

Jeep climbing some rocks
The Pro Comp radial Xterrain tire will surprise you as a truck, Jeep or SUV owner as a great tire for all your applications. Most of the Pro Comp tires are either three-ply or two-ply. Both the three-ply and two-ply versions of this tire feature kerf grooved lugs, shoulder grip spurs in addition to full depth lug sipes. This makes Pro Comp tire to provide you with additional protection in challenging off-road terrain.

The Pro Comp Xterrain tire also uses a high void directional tread thus giving it an advanced performance. It is also designed with a Dualguard TM polyester body plies that consist of 2 ply polyester construction as well as a blend of dual side wall rubber that not only provides advanced flexibility but also enables the tire to be puncture resistant while using low pressure.

Quiet on the Road

When you are looking for all terrain tires, the first thing that will come into your mind is the height and the cosmetic look. However, you should also appreciate the quietness of the tire on the roads. The Pro Comp Xterrain tire is widely known for being quiet on the highway, making it ideal selection for everyday use. This is because of its unique tread design. Furthermore, this tire track well compared to other all-terrain tires.
Blue Jeep Wrangler with Procomp's Xterra

Overall, when you are buying Pro Comp tire, you are not just getting a perfect all terrain tire, this tire will not only be quiet on the highway but also hold up to rock crawling fun during your off-road adventures. According to Pro Comp, the Pro Comp Xterrain is “two tires in one,” capable of handling the street and offroading.

By: Jon Aragon
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