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The world’s only performance muffler for drone free high-flow horse power. The Dynomax VT muffler delivers the performance you demand without irritating drone inside your car, truck, SUV or jeep. This product is the most advanced technology in the performance market; longer life, increase strength and classic looks. Maximum durability in any vehicle. Faster and easier installation. Dynomaxes advanced direct flow path for maximum horse power. Sophisticated engineering features that create the dirty-true performance sound you prefer.

A relentless attention to detail but ensure head turning performance. But here is the secret for the VT mufflers more important benefit are patent pending sound tuning bow. Now you can eliminate that unwanted drone while increasing exhaust flow and horse power. This precisely calibrated high strength internal bow provides maximum performance by opening within critical RPM ranges. Then, during the period of insisted travel the bow tuned your flow for drone free performance. The VT muffler provides a deep and powerful sound when you want heads to turn and potent sound unwanted residence when you cruising the highway. There simply nothing like it anywhere else. Gain maximum performance. Eliminate head ringing drone, and it’s guaranteed. The revolutionary VT drone free muffler is here only from Dynomax.

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DynoMax® Performance Exhaust - a leading innovator in performance exhaust technologies - introduced the DynoMax® VT® muffler, a revolutionary, high-flow straight-through stainless steel performance muffler that controls irritating drone while ensuring maximum performance.