DWT Truck Wheels

DWT Truck Wheels

DWT Truck Wheels On Sale Plus Free Shipping! DWT has progressed their celebrated strengths in wheel advancement with an all new line of on-road wheels. Inspired from time spent at Baja, the wheels are built with the toughness you expect. Douglas's race winning expertise and cutting edge styling have gone into the development of a brand new series of premium wheels. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

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In the early days of kart racing, DWT Founder Douglas Henline found limitations in the wheel technology of the day. In his pursuit of performance, he devoted himself to designing and manufacturing a new breed of superior wheels. His passion, dedication, and engineering skills led to the founding of Douglas Wheel in 1991. After almost two decades of innovation, industry leadership and a staggering number of championships in multiple forms of motor sports, DWT continues to lead the way in performance wheel technology.

DWT is always evolving by expanding their product lines, manufacturing processes and rigorous testing procedures in the U.S.A. DWT has developed unique manufacturing processes by combining their unique proprietary forming techniques with conventional material shaping and molding methods. Each piece produced goes through a series of state of the art processes to assure and maintain that revered DWT dependability.

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