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DUB Wheels are synonymous with quality. Its aftermarket wheels are engineered to the highest market standards ensuring that they endow your vehicle with a stylish appearance and strength. Even the most mundane vehicles enjoy a newer and more expensive look when they are fitted with a new set of DUB wheels and rims. DUB Wheels is known to develop good looking and high quality aftermarket wheels for all vehicles.

DUB Wheels Baller S115 <br /> Chrome
From $ 380.00
DUB Wheels Baller S116 <br/> Black Machined
From $ 295.00
DUB Wheels Bandito S136 <br />Chrome
From $ 750.00
DUB Wheels Directa S132 <br/>Chrome
From $ 395.00
DUB Wheels Directa S133 <br />Black and Milled
From $ 310.00
DUB Wheels Lace S118 <br />PVD Chrome
From $ 300.00
DUB Wheels Mamba S139 <br />Chrome
From $ 465.00
DUB Wheels Pace S114 <br /> Chrome
From $ 286.00
DUB Wheels Pace S117 <br /> Matte Black
From $ 193.00
DUB Wheels Phase 5 S106 <br/> Matte Black
From $ 165.00
DUB Wheels Phase 5 SS S104 <br /> Chrome
From $ 236.00
DUB Wheels Phase 6 S107 <br /> Chrome Plated
From $ 286.00
DUB Wheels Push S109<br /> Gloss Black and Milled
From $ 210.00
DUB Wheels Push S110<br /> Gloss Black
From $ 199.00
DUB Wheels Push S111<br /> Chrome
From $ 280.00
DUB Wheels Rio5 S112<br /> Chrome
From $ 236.00
DUB Wheels Rio5 S113<br /> Black and Machined
From $ 185.00
DUB Wheels Rio6 S112 <br /> Chrome
From $ 499.00
DUB Wheels Rio6 S113 <br /> Black and Machined
From $ 185.00
DUB Wheels Shot Calla S120 <br /> Chrome
From $ 380.00
DUB Wheels Skillz S122 <br /> Chrome
From $ 380.00
DUB Wheels Suave S140 <br />Chrome
From $ 499.00

More about DUB Wheels

DUB produces rims in more sizes for more vehicles than any other brand. From elegant luxury imports to stout domestic trucks, DUB offers quality wheels that will make jaws drop as you pass by. Upscale design solutions accompanied by exquisiteness and verve, that's what DUB brings to the artistic side of the equation. For the enthusiasts who take the word "custom" seriously, DUB delivers a three-piece design option to allow customers to mix and match colors. Built using CNC machining equipment, DUB rims ensure precise fit and unrivaled durability.