Doug Thorley

In the last year, our customer base has grown by leaps and bounds. While we remain world famous for the invention of the tri-y header and ease of installation, we have continued to expand our product line to include the latest models. In addition, we are introducing our new line of hdx –series of headers. These headers are super heavy duty and specifically designed for those who have motor homes, trucks and off road vehicles that are susceptible to extreme conditions. Also, we now produce and sell the finest sanrail header-exhaust that’s available anywhere. Doug thorley headers was on three speed channel programs last year.

We are very proud to have achieved this historic milestone. Since Doug Thorley Headers invented the Tri-Y header, we have become legendary in the automotive aftermarket for performance enhancement and excellent quality. Over the past 50 years, we have advanced our reputation as a technological leader through constant innovation, refinement and interaction with the racing industry, our customers and our suppliers. We feel our commitment is vital to developing long term relationships and maintaining our reputation as an industry leader. We have backed up our commitment by investing three million dollars in state of the art manufacturing facilities and with five million dollars of inventory. After 50 years, Doug Thorley Headers is still 100% American made.

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