Doug Thorley Headers

No other investment will increase power and performance as much as a set of Doug Thorley Headers! Our patented designs offer a wide range of benefits that are specifically engineered to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Doug Thorley Chrome Headers

Our Chrome headers are designed to prohibit initial rust or corrosion. It is not intended to be “show chrome”, as it will discolor upon initial fire-ups, and this is normal. Chrome headers are still guaranteed against manufacturer’s defects and workmanship.

Doug Thorley Ceramic-Thermal Headers

Doug Thorley’s Ceramic-Thermal coating protects your header against the elements and can take temperatures up to 1,400 degrees F. This coating keeps heat inside the tubing, thus promoting velocity while absorbing up to 40% of the engine temperature. This keeps your engine running cooler and helps in all areas where heat is the enemy. We apply 3 mils inside the tubing and 5 mils on the outside of the Header.