Dick Cepek Introduces Two New Off-Road Tires

If you are an off-roader who loves racing though desert condition, rock crawling over difficult terrain and filling your tire treads with thick mud, than you already know that Dick Cepek has always offered extreme tires for your ride. Since 1963, the Tire and Wheel company has been pushing the limits for the performance capabilities of their high-performance tires, which consistently win off-road races all around the globe.

However, for most truck and SUV owners who appreciate the simplicity of owning just one set of wheels and tires, the company left owners wanting a little bit more. For most enthusiasts, the Mud Country and Crusher  tires were absolute overkill for light dirt driving and commuting on a daily basis. While, the Mud Country and the Crusher Tires are right at home on a dirt race track or the Baja Desert, most drivers will never push these extreme tires to their potential.

Luckily, engineers at Dick Cepek were able to create two different tires that are perfect for anyone who is looking to upgrade from their OEM rubber. The Fun Country and Trail Country are the latest tires from Cepek, and are a great compromise between your stock tires and hardcore off-road tires.

“The new Fun Country is unlike any Dick Cepek tire that has come before it. This tire is a unique combination of cutting-edge design elements and technology that give new meaning to the all-terrain category,” says a spokesperson for the company. “We have dedicated attention to every aspect of the design process- footprint, tread, lugs, siping, shoulder, tire compounds and appearance- to make this one of the best tires Dick Cepek has ever made.”

The Latest From Cepek

Unlike most tire companies, when Dick Cepek Tires started to roll out products, he decided to concentrate on tires that made specifically for off-road freaks and competitive dirt racers. While most companies were looking to make tires that were comparable to stock rubber, Dick Cepek was pushing the envelope with aggressive tread patterns and puncture resistant sidewalls.

Now, Cepek has two different tire models that were developed with the same spirit as its off-road relatives, but with a milder design that makes it perfect for Joe Anybody. Check them out below:
  • Fun CountryThis tire is a great all around performer. It was with a quieter ride on the street without sacrificing off-road traction. The superior durability makes it perfect for light trucks and 4x4s.   Some of the key features for the Fun Country Include; large tread grooves, notched shoulder edges, scalloped ribs, and a 3-ply sidewalls for better handling, increased towing capabilities.

  • Trail Country: These tires were made for truck owners who demand a fierce off-road tire that can still be used on the day-to-day rig. The Trail Country uses Dick Cepek familiar tread pattern that made the Crusher famous. This High Performance design makes the Trail Country ideal for drivers that need a tire that can handle snow, loose gravel or soft sand with relative ease. Some of this tires features include: made from a long life compound, multi-dimensional sidebiters for protection and scalloped shoulder lugs for added traction. 

Winning Awards Already

Just a few months ago, the Fun Country tire won the Global Media Award at the world famous SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Global Media Award is an honor chosen by automotive experts and motorsport journalists from more than 20 countries who vote on the product that they think will most appeal to consumers in their home market. According to published reports, the Fun Country won because of its obvious benefits and versatility for drivers who need a tire that can be used in any condition.

In short, if you’re a truck, SUV or 4x4 owner who needs an upgrade from your OEM tires, but you don’t plan on doing extensive rock crawling or racing through the desert; take a look at the new tires that are available from Dick Cepek. They’re a clear upgrade from any stock tires and deliver a comfortable highway ride that doesn’t sacrifice any grip after the pavement meets the dirt. $WheelOnline offers a large assortment of Off Road Tires and Mud Tires .

By Sean Bowes
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