Dick Cepek Fun Country Tire Review

dick cepekDick Cepek started his company over 50 years ago and is still producing some of the best tires on the market.
Earlier this year in May, Dick Cepek Tires introduced 12 new Fun Country Tire radial sizes, essentially doubling down on their investment. But, why did they invest so much in this tire?

The Fun Country Tire Is Like Nothing that Has Ever Come Before It

Within the past year, the Fun Country has been completely reconfigured with a unique hybrid design. This new design has catapulted it to being the most impressive all-terrain tire that has ever been produced by the Dick Cepek company. Some of its most impressive features include:
  • Wide lateral and offset tread grooves
  • Larger surface area, which helps the tire grip in rough conditions
  • Stone ejector ribs and ultra-thin sipes, which help keep stones from getting lodged in the tire and helps to prevent cracking.
  • Notched shoulder edges and scalloped ribs, which prevent lug tearing
  • An extraordinarily tough 3 ply sidewall
fun countryThe Fun Country is arguably the best all-terrain tire on the market today.
The higher ups at Dick Cepek were extremely impressed when designers finished this line. They were so impressed that they decided to put it out for immediate release, offering it in a wider range of sizes. Dick Cepek’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Ken Warner, says:

“The new Fun Country is unlike any Dick Cepek tire that has come before it. This tire is a unique combination of cutting-edge design elements and technology that give new meaning to the all-terrain category. We have dedicated attention to every aspect of the design process- footprint, tread, lugs, siping, shoulder, tire compounds and appearance- to make this one of the best tires Dick Cepek has ever made.”

What Driving Conditions is the Fun Country Best For?

The Dick Cepek Fun Country is truly unique in that it can handle extremely tough off-road elements while still being efficient enough to drive on road. This has been produced by a design that mixes finesse and toughness into one coherent design.

Award Winning

las vegas convention centerThe SEMA show attracts over 60,000 spectators annually and is held at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
Recently, the Fun Country tire won the Global Media award at the world renowned SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Global Media Award is chosen by journalists from more than 20 countries who vote on the product that they think will most appeal to consumers in their home market. The Fun Country won because of its obvious benefits and versatility for drivers in today’s world.

The bottom line is that the Dick Cepek Fun Country is great for all kinds of people. Whether you are an off-roading extremist that still needs to get to work or a serious businessman that needs to drive off-road to get home to your ranch, the Fun Country tire will prove to be a solid choice.

By: Tim Snyder
Posted on September 24th, 2013
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