Dee Zee Side Step and Underbed Boxes

CARR Super Hoop Side Steps

Dee Zee side step and underbed boxes provide you with extra storage spaces to keep your smaller tools in your truck. In addition to providing a storage space for your tools, the side step also provides you with a secure surface you can use to access your truck bed. Both the side step and the underbed boxes have security mechanisms that ensure your tools are stored safely and securely. Some of these security features include lockable handle latches, reinforced walls and rubber gaskets designed to keep off thieves and external elements.

Dee Zee side step and underbed boxes are made with either aluminium or steel to ensure maximum strength. This is important for both protecting your tools and for supporting your weight as you access the truck. The side steps and underbed boxes are available in many different sizes for both small and large trucks. The underbed boxes mount to the bed of your truck easily using mounting brackets that are sold separately. The side steps also require mounting brackets to attach them on your truck bed when on the road.