Daytime Running Lights - Call for an additional discount Plus Free Shipping

Daytime running lights are now very common in modern vehicles as they play a very important role of keeping a car visible in frosty conditions. They are specially created to automatically light up when you start your car engine. The law requires daytime running lights to be bright enough to be seen plainly in daylight. But since these lights are a bit too bright at night, they should therefore go off once the headlights are switched on. Driving at night with the DRLs on can easily dazzle other drivers.

If you place your daytime running lights close to the indicator lights, make sure the DRL is off when the indicator light is on to avoid covering the signal. For drivers who wish to retrofit daytime running lights, there are special kits for that. Make sure your DRLs are EU approved by checking the approval mark with letters RL. These lights are available in a wide range of shapes and designs to suit all applications.