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California Super Trucks, the company popularly known a CST, has been producing suspension products in house for the longest time, or the past 30 years to be exact. These products assure customers of that trusted American quality that domestic auto part manufacturers are known for. Chris Robinson, President of CST Inc., drives this quality by encouraging the firm’s designers and engineers to seek out new innovations that can transform the future of the suspension engineering industry. As a result, CST suspension parts are made with durable metals.
Lifted Chevy truck

For instance, grade 8 zinc fasteners included in each kit are made of zinc and are gold irradiate plated to help them prevent rust. These are not the only parts in CST’s truck suspension catalog that are built to last. There are many more pieces to which the same quality is applied including:

Coil Springs

CST’s Performance coil springs are made as a pair of high gloss powder coated springs that are shot peened and heat treated. The powder coating allows them to retain their shape and resist corrosion for a long time. They each measure 3 inches in diameter and thus can be fitted in regular truck suspension shocks. They however work best with V8 engine trucks such as Dodges and GM Silverados.
Lifted Chevy truck

Lift Blocks

Lift block kits come in a wide variety of choices at CST. They range from 2 inch to 5 inch lift blocks to cater for different lifting preferences truckers may have. In addition to this, a wide selection of accessories is offered for each different kit. The 2011 to 2013 GM 2500 block kit for instance comes with a carrier bearing drop kit. This allows you to remove takeoff driveline vibration from your suspension and maximize stability and comfort even after lifting the suspension.

Performance Shocks

You can get both front and rear shocks at CST for your truck. Since one of the key objectives at CST is to customize performance suspension solutions for specific truck models, CST performance shocks are designed with vehicle specific valving. So you have the freedom to pick out the exact shock model made for your vehicle make. They are grouped into three series: street series, dirt series and pro series. As you can tell each series is made for a specific terrain and is thus configured with features that produce the best performance in the intended terrain. The Pro and Dirt series for instance are built with reservoirs to maximize the cooling capacity of the outer shock cylinder.
Lifted Chevy truck

Leaf Springs

For truckers who use leaf springs instead of block kits to adjust their suspension height, CST offers Add- a- leaf kits that have strong inner quality. With a complete CST leaf pack, you can lift your truck by 6.5 inches or 8 inches.

By: Sean Bowes
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