CST Suspensions Builds Their Products In House

cstheadquartersThe CST headquarters is located in Moreno Valley, California.
30 years ago, Chris Robinson began building and designing different automotive upgrades. It didn’t take long for his expertise to shine through in his very own well-developed off road race trucks. His early successes eventually pushed him into starting his own company, California Supertrucks Inc. (CST).

CST Suspensions Today

Now, 19 years after its origination, CST Suspensions has grown into a premier aftermarket manufacturer of performance suspension kits. Much of their success can be attributed to Robinson’s direction and company philosophy. Part of this philosophy is that everything they build- from the spindles to the plates to the fasteners- is built in house at CST. This attention to detail allows CST to guarantee that every piece of their product is the very best. For example, the fasteners that CST produces have grade 8 strength and are zinc and gold plated so they can avoid rust and corrosion.

How Do They Build It

CST creates all of these great products through their world class CNC machine shop, their team of welders, and their very own research and development department.

  • The CNC machine (CNC stands for computer numeric control) allows companies like CST Suspensions to use software to design their parts on a computer, and then, allow the computer like robot to precisely cut all of the parts.  Staying up with the latest technology is an investment that CST was willing to make because they are fully dedicated to bringing the very best to their customers. Check out how a CNC machine works on the video to the right.

  • The team of welders at CST has all gone through extensive training to deliver the exact specifications that are required for these top of the line products. The CST welders are not only delivering strength to the products being produced, but are also required to be artistically inclined because CST understands that looking good is just as important as providing strength.

  • The research and development department at CST designs new products and comes up with new ideas in the office. This allows them to work on the very best CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings and program the CNC machine to the proper specifications.
warped tour suvCST suspension is strong and ascetically appealing.
Because of their attention to detail and pride in self-producing the strongest and most ascetically appealing products, CST products have emerged as a top tier investment that will satisfy any driver. Currently, 4WheelOnline is offering a special Holiday Sale that gives up to 25% off any CST Suspension, so don’t waste time to team up with the very best.

By: Tim Snyder
Posted on November 20th, 2013
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