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Ride high with the street-savvy Boss Wheels. Boss Rims are designed to be sleek and strong. Turn heads with Boss Wheels!

Boss is committed to exceeding customer expectations by manufacturing the highest quality wheels at competitive costs. Boss Motorsports Wheels are made with world class materials that combine looks and durability. Boss Motorsports Rims are proudly made in the USA!

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4 Common Features on Boss Motorsports Wheels
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Boss motorsports is a brand of wheels from American Eagle Wheels. It is made with the same state of the art American quality that American Eagle wheels are known for. This brand was introduced to serve the luxury and executive car market and the wheels are thus designs to match the structural preferences of luxury cars.
American Eagle Rolls Out The Boss Brand
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For more than thirty years, American Eagle Corporation has been delivering sleek and sexy wheels for the automotive public. Since they are made in the USA, their products have long been regarded as the best in the industry. Now, they have a luxury line to add to their legacy. Click Here to see American Eagle’s Boss Wheels brand.

More about Boss Motorsports

You are on the hunt for some rims that will make your ride turn every head in the neighborhood. Guess what? You just hit the Jackpot. 4 Wheel Online only offers the best in auto wheels. We’ve established a name for ourselves with quality, appearance and great prices. And that’s why we offer Boss Motorsports. Not only is Boss Motorsports a top wheel manufacturer but every wheel they produce is proudly made in the United States of America

Boss Motorsports is the country’s number-one producer of aluminum-crafted post-market auto parts. For over 33 years Boss pushes the envelope when it comes to style and durability. Running their own resale division which functions in the US, Canada and the Caribbean, 4 Wheel Online is proud to be one of the few authorized resellers of Boss Modular you can come to for these great rims.

In 2010, Boss introduced the highly anticipated Boss Modular multiple component wheel product line. Committed to seamless merging old-school artistry with the latest technological developments, Boss constantly surpasses its own benchmarks for what it means to qualify a product as truly excellent.

Boss Motorsports is determined that when you add Boss rims to your automobile, you aren’t just buying new rims, you are investing in a piece of art. Even the most discerning four-wheel aficionado will find themselves considering Boss Motorsports wheels a critical addition to their most prized vehicle.

Not only is 4 Wheel Online committed to excellent products such as Boss Motorsports Wheels, we are committed to the best price you can find. Please take a moment and check out this page to find the perfect Boss Motorsport wheel for you.

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