Bmw - Volant
Cold Air Intake

BMW - Volant Cold Air Intakes

These PowerCore air intakes by Volant feature a heat-resistant air box that's designed to keep hot engine compartment air out of your air intake stream, pulling cold air from down below. This gives you a cold, dense air charge that delivers maximum punch and power potential. These PowerCore air intakes also feature an air filter that's specifically designed to stop ultra-fine particles from harming your engine.


  • Increased horsepower and fuel economy
  • IMaintenance-free--never need cleaned or oiled
  • IPowerCore air filter material can even get wet without harm
  • Aluminum air box lid adds style to your engine compartment
  • Utilized Factory Mass Air Flow Sensor
  • Stainless Steel Clamps and high Temperature Silicone Sleeves
  • Standard 5-Layer Lifetime Filter
  • Upgraded Air Filter with Powercore Technology
  • Air tube with direct design
325i - Volant Cold Air Intake
2008 BMW 325i 3.0L, PowerCore; Cool Air Intake Kit, Full Enclosure w/Sealed Lid, Vehicle Specific Ai
  - VLNT-411730
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Price: $625.98
Sale Price: $353.49

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