Baer Brake Systems

Track-tested and road-proven for virtually every
type of automotive passion, including yours!

Baer Brake Systems is committed to the design and manufacturer of brake systems and components that deliver the highest levels of technology, quality and performance. We encourage you to scrutinize and compare the details of Baer products against the competition, then buy the system which provides the greatest value.

From the ultimate in high-performance brake systems to cosmetically enhanced OE replacement rotors, Baer has the market covered!

The value of a brake system is judged by much more than price. Take a close look at a Baer System, compare it with competitors and determine for yourself which delivers real value. Our systems feature the finest calipers in the world. All employ proper road going dust and weather seals, making them appropriate for use on streets and highways. Our Systems are not just a kit; they include everything you will need. If your application requires a master cylinder, hose, or special fitting it´s included. Systems requiring hubs not only arrive with the races and studs installed, but are also assembled with TimkenTM bearings and packed with Redline® Synthetic grease. When deciding which system fits your needs, examine technology, quality, performance, and integrity. We think you´ll agree Baer has no competition for the best value.

All Baer Claw® brake systems come complete with all hardware required for installation; no welding nor fabrication is required. Cross-drilled, slotted and zinc washed rotors are standard with plain or other variations of the above offered as options. Always check wheel fitment with Baer fit check templates.