BackRack Headache Rack Protects Truck

BackRack is a Canada based company known for manufacturing headache racks used to protect the truck’s rear cab and window. The company employs a hands-on manufacturing process and this has helped it control the quality of its products and maximize efficiency. The company has been in existence since 1988 and has been focusing on headache racks only, so its processes are lean and efficient.

Focusing on a single product line has helped BackRack offer superior quality products at competitive prices. BackRack says that its employees are emotionally invested in the company, its products and reputation. This is what has helped the company’s products stay relevant in the market for all those years. BackRack has divided its products into three main categories that include the BackRack original headache rack, BackRack safety headache rack and the BackRack headache rack accessories.

BackRack Original Headache Rack

The original BackRack is designed to maintain your truck’s stylish appeal while ensuring it’s still strong and functional. This rack allows you to carry your work tools such as ladders, secure moving cargo and mount any aftermarket light accessories. It has a simple and open design that allows you to easily hook a bungee cord around the flat bed. Carrying cargo on a truck bed fitted with this rack gives you peace of mind as you do not have to worry about damages to your rear windows or cab. This rack has a low profile design allowing you to park in areas where a full size ladder rack cannot.

BackRack Safety Headache Rack

The BackRack safety rack covers the rear window completely while still offering clear visibility of the back through the fully welded wire screen. BackRack says this rack is perfect for those whose primary concerns are protection and employee safety. The wire screen is strong and rigid to tie to and is robotically welded into a heavy-duty steel frame. This rack is slightly wide giving you enough space to carry extra cargo.

It also has enough space to mount aftermarket lights and accessories. This is a bolt on rack that is very easy to install requiring no drilling or modifications.

BackRack Headache Rack Accessories

Lastly, BackRack has the headache rack accessories. We all know that headache racks are versatile and functional, but to get the most out of them, you need to mount some additional accessories. Some of the accessories include toolboxes, antennas, signal lights and ladders that are easy to attach and detach. Each accessory has a durable black coat finish for improved resistance against corrosion.

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