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BackRack Headache Rack Protects Truck
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Carrying cargo on the back of your truck can cause damages to the rear windows and cab if you are not careful. These type of racks are what most drivers use to protect their trucks. These racks come in two different styles depending on the level of protection you want. Both racks are made with the best and strongest materials available and can be relied upon on the road. Read More...
Why You Should Get BACKRACK for Your Truck
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It is a common knowledge that your truck is a business tool. Even though you utilize your truck specifically for work, you will not wish it to look like a real work truck. A headache rack therefore comes in handy to maintain your truck’s stylish character while at the same time providing you with a practical tool to carry long loads, ladders, and secure shifting cargo. You can secure your headache rack on your truck using pocket bolts. Each headache rack is specifically designed for particular trucks, so that the rack and the cab size can perfectly match.