XD Wheels and EFX Tires Packages

XD & EFX Tire Packages

XD Wheels and EFX Tires - Free Mounting, Install Kit Plus Free Shipping. XD Series Wheels are structurally strong and durable ATV wheels that meet the most demanding off road environments. The wheels have various spoke patterns that improve the structural strength of the wheels thus improving their durability. EFX Performance Tires have been at the forefront of engineering the world's best performing offroad tires. They spend countless hours in the field to ensure that each and every approved tread pattern is the best tire they can produce.

4WheelOnline now has an exclusive promotion for customers that order a set of XD Wheels with a set of EFX Tires! Use the promo code "ATVMOUNT" at checkout when you order 4 or more XD Wheels with 4 or more EFX Tires and we'll mount them for you. Includes a free lug kit, and free install kit and we'll ship them to you for free! Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

4 XD Wheels + 4 EFX Tires = Free Mounting, Free Install Kit and Free Shipping.

Use Code: ATVMOUNT and Checkout.