Pitbull Tires

Pit Bull ATV/UTV Tires

Pit Bull Rocker Uber XOP ATV/UTV radial tires have a special patented tread design forged on the Pit Bull Baja tried and tested multiple motorsport Champion Rocker extreme off-road LT tires. Multi-varied patented tread blocks produce an alternating biting pattern for ultimate traction, cleanout and stability. Rounded edges on the tread blocks help to mitigate wear and noise. Stepped lugs assist with lateral traction and stability.And, as for style, you can't beat the designs on the side-walls.

With Pit Bull Growler XOR and Uber XOR ATV/UTV tires you get 5 circumferential groove channels so nature wont stick to your tires. By looking at them, you would think they're directional, but these tires are non-directionally and fully functional. 8-ply rating make these some of the strongest tires available and makes for a high load capacity. Pit Bull Tires also uses their 'Tear It Up'® technology rubber compound utilized on their extreme LT truck tires, which has proven itself again and again on some of the most potent rigs and extreme conditions on Earth.