Liquid Image

Heavy-Duty and Stylish Liquid Image Sport Cameras

Liquid Image is a company involved in the manufacture of sports tech equipment. Liquid image products include wearable POV cameras, accessories, and other consumer products. These are distributed in the US and worldwide in over 100 states.

The liquid image is also known for such products as Video Camera Snow Goggles, Video Camera MX Goggles, Camera Masks, and accessories. Liquid Image products are easy to use with two buttons on the outside of the goggles, they allow you to capture all your adventures with ease and amazing precision. Liquid Image goggles are the motocross and off-road riders’ choice for video recording. The camera is located centrally on the goggles, providing the best point-of-view recording capabilities. It is available in 780P, 1080P and 1080P Dual Glaze for Snow.

Liquid Image Ego Cameras
From $ 178.95