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HiPer ATV Wheels On Sale Plus Free Shipping. With its patented molding techniques and energy absorbing material that address the perennial problem of bent wheels, HiPer’s Carbon Fiber Wheels are definitely the top choice of serious moto-cross racers as well as your occasional sport rider. HiPer’s Carbon Fiber Wheels boast of 2-3 times the strength of its aluminum counterpart but at a much lighter density. Wheels are also ingeniously constructed in 3 modular pieces, which can be cost-effective in the long run because components can be upgraded and replaced per piece.

Bead Rings
From $ 24.15
Mud Plugs
From $ 35.40

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CF1: HiPer Technology has publicized the world’s first all carbon fiber ATV wheel. Embattled precisely at the sport rider, the CF1 wheel will bring HiPer’s famous performance within reach of the sport quad rider. The wheel has two piece modular design which contains a carbon fiber center section. This center reduces cost, weight, and difficulty resulting in superior performance for the sport rider. The design features that have made HiPer’s racing Tech 3 wheel popular are retained for the CF1 including the o-ring seals, locking beadring, and quality grade eight fasteners but with a price savings of approximately 25 percent.

Tech 3: Hiper Tech 3 uses a three piece design with aluminum core section and all the designs feature a rubber ring sunken into the wheel halves that permit for full ease in the field. No Complex or Special Tools needed. Made from premium quality fasteners, center sections and inserts that are available in the market today. Hiper Tech 3 is stable and Dirt Free.

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