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Motogrip Radial-A/T Tires

The EFX MotoGrip ATV tire utilizes our decades of experience in manufacturing and trail riding to create an incredible stable 8-Ply Radial ATV and UTV tire option that improves performance, safety and bite on any hard pack terrain. The MotoGrip tire instantly improves ride quality thanks to aggressive shoulder lugs that connect to one of the largest contact patches in the industry. The larger the contact patch (physical contact to the earth) the greater the stability, lateral grip and very low rolling resistance.

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Part Number Size Weight Sidewall Load Index Speed Rating
MG-26-11-14 26X11.00R14" 29.20 BW 1000 80F
MG-26-11-15 26X11.00R15" 29.20 BW 1000 80F
MG-26-9-14 26X9.00R14" 38.30 BW 1000 80F
MG-26-9-15 26X9.00R15" 35.30 BW 1000 80F
MG-28-11-14 28x11R14" 36.30 BW 990 80F
MG-28-9-14 28X9R14" 28.80 BW 800 73F