EFX Hammer Tires

  • Single best hard pack A/T golf cart tire
  • Features the best contact patch
  • Shoulder tooth lug provides secure grip
  • Provides superior traction
  • Ensures smooth comfortable ride
  • Improves your ride's performance and safety
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  • Available in 10", 12" and 14"
  • EFX Performance Tires are covered by a 1-year limited warranty
  • Designed and engineered in the USA


EFX Hammer Tire is one of the best performing off-road tires available today. Engineered and trail-tested in the mountains of Colorado, flats of California and the backwoods of Texas to ensure superior performance and durability. The EFX Hammer is a hard-pack all-terrain tire available for your golf cart. It provides superior traction, excellent handling, and smooth ride quality.

Part# Size Weight Sidewall Load Speed Rating Tread Ply Construction
FA-828 22X9.50-10" 18.20 BW 750 70F 4 Bias-ply
FA-829 23X9.50-12" 19.50 BW 750 70F 4 Bias-ply
FA-830 23X9.50-14" 21.20 BW 750 70F 4 Bias-ply
FA-831 22X9.5X12" 38.40 BW 750 4 Bias-ply