EBC Brakes ATV

EBC brakes now dealing with ATV with its qualified products ranked on market. ATV Brakes : R series sintered brakes, SV series heavy duty ATV brakes and the new EPFA Extreme Pro sintered race brakes.

EBC ATV Brake Rotors
From $ 49.55
EBC ATV Clutches
From $ 16.67


In almost every case, EBC Brakes rotors are lighter, better looking, made with improved revolutionary technologies and cost less than original parts. EBC Brakes improved much of their rotors to support and provide better riding and plated to prevent any corrosion.


When it comes to top-calibrated brake technologies and more dominant in the off road brake market, EBC Brakes is the only brakes manufacturer in line with different vehicles with wide-varieties if product range.

For ATV's applications, EBC brake applications use the R series sintered brakes, SV series heavy duty ATV brakes, and the new EPFA Extreme Pro sintered race brakes. Brake shoes from EBC Brakes include both regular non-grooved linings and the new water-grooved WG series brake shoes for mud and dust riding conditions. EBC brake rotors include MD6 series carbon steel rotors for ATV. These are some of the few brakes that EBC brakes can offer to make ATV vehicles in better condition with long lasting brakes.

When choosing brakes for an ATV and EBC Brakes usually think that these brakes must meet our needs. EBC showcases all highly recommended brakes with unique features and series to choose from. EBC has different kinds of brakes for different kind applications. Such as:

  • Long lasting Brakes
  • Grippy brakes
  • Brakes for fast and dry riding
  • Brakes for wet and mud riding

EBC Brakes store offers the EBC brakes product-lines at very lowest prices with great deals. EBC Brakes have different kinds of brakes in indifferent kind of applications. For more information about EBC brakes product-lines, just give us a call. We are willing to help and give the necessary information's about EBC Brakes products range.