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WARN Provantage UTV Snow Plow

systems feature a unique and exclusive design that allows for quick connect and disconnect of the self-standing plow, and does not require a driver to crawl under the vehicle or manually lift the blade. The system lifts the plow blade straight up and down and creates over eight inches of raised height. The Warn UTV Plow system features a heavy duty rib-reinforced 12-gauge 72 inch wide steel blade. Heavy-duty adjustable gravel skids with quick release clips come standard, as does a replaceable steel wear bar for added durability. Impact tested for maximum durability, the system contains no under-chassis hardware that could be damaged during regular vehicle usage. Mounting system works with the existing frame of the vehicle - no modification is necessary. Designed to use a Warn winch as the plow lifting mechanism (sold separately).

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Warn UTV Plow Blades
  • Made from thick 12-gauge steel with heavy-duty ribbing, the WARN UTV plow blade has a center cross member for added rigidity. The WARN UTV plow blade also has a boxed design for added support and a special low-friction powder-coated finish to help keep material from sticking to the blade.

72" Straight ProVantage Plow Blade
  - WAR-79958
Price: $389.99
Sale Price: $309.95

Incl. Replaceable Steel Wear Bar.
Blade Side-Wall for UTV Plow Blade
  - WAR-71320
Price: $99.99
Sale Price: $69.95

Warn UTV Plow Mounts
  • WARN UTV plow mounts are front mounted instead of center mounted, negating the need to crawl under the Side X Side and uses the 'rapid connection system' for easy-on, easy-off operation thanks to self-locating pin design. There's no need to remove the WARN UTV mount during non-plowing seasons since there is no reduction in ground clearance.

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WARN ProVantage Plow Mount Application Guide
Consult this application guide to determine the part number of your plow mount.

Application Year Front Plow
Mounting Kits
COMMANDER 800 (R ) (XT) 11-13 85690
COMMANDER 1000 (X) (XT) 11-13 85690
HONDA (UTV / Side-X-Side)
Application Year Front Plow
Mounting Kits
BIG RED (MUV700) 08-11 80913
KAWASAKI (UTV / Side-X-Side)
Application Year Front Plow
Mounting Kits
Mule 600 2x4, 610 4X4 08-13 84090AU
Mule 610 (XC) 4x4 08-13 84090AU
Mule 4010 Diesel 4X4, Diesel Trans 4X4 09-13 83503
Teryx 750 (FI) (LE) (Camo) (Sport) (SGE) 08-09 79925
Teryx 750 (FI) (LE) (Camo) (Sport) (SGE) 10-13 79925
Teryx 4 750 (EPS) (LE) (Camo) 2012 88330
KUBOTA (UTV / Side-X-Side)
Application Year Front Plow
Mounting Kits
RTV500 4x4 09-11 83650 AU
KYMCO (UTV / Side-X-Side)
Application Year Front Plow
Mounting Kits
UXV500 10-12 86386 AN
POLARIS (UTV / Side-X-Side)
Application Year Front Plow
Mounting Kits
Ranger 400 (Crew) 4X4 2009 79700
Ranger 400 Midsize (H.O.) (Crew) 10-13 90546
Ranger 500 4X4 2008 81580
Ranger 500 (Crew) 4X4 2009 79700
Ranger 500 Midsize (H.O.) (Crew) 11-13 90546
Ranger 500 EFI 11-13 90546
Ranger 6X6 02-06 81580
Ranger 700 6X6 2007 81580
Ranger 700 4X4 05-07 81580
Ranger 700 (HP) 4X4 2008 81580
Ranger 700 (HD) (HP) 4X4 2009 79700
Ranger 700 6X6 08-09 81580
Ranger 800 (XP) (EPS) (Browning) (Crew) (HD) 4X4 10-13 79700 AP
Ranger 800 6X6 10-13 79700 AP
Ranger Midsize 800 EFI (HO) (Crew) 12-13 90546
Ranger 900 (XP) 2013 90924
Ranger RZR 800 4X4 08-13 80681 AU
Ranger RZR-S 800 4X4 09-13 80681 AU
YAMAHA (UTV / Side-X-Side)
Application Year Front Plow
Mounting Kits
Rhino 450 4X4 08-09 79815 AJ
Rhino Sport 4X4 2011 79815 AJ
Rhino 700 (DU) (SE) (Sport) 4X4 08-13 79815 AJ
Warn UTV Push Tubes
The WARN Plow Base assembly features an extra wide design for increased stability and durability, a forward trip system, and an interlocked rotating base plate for great strength, outstanding durability, and excellent impact resistance.
UTV Plow Base Kit
  - WAR-79805
Price: $379.99
Sale Price: $299.95

A WARN UTV Winch is the ideal choice in plow lift mechanisms. Since they have so many practical purposes other than just a plow lift, the WARN UTV Winch can stay mounted throughout the year.

AJ Fits 4000-4500 series winches only
AL Kit must be revision B2 for mid-05 and later
AN Fits 25 & 30 RT/XT series winches only
AO Does not work with UML
AP Must be Revision A1 for 2012 application
AQ Compatible with 78100 and 62100 plow bases
AR Compatible with appropriate 92100 (ATV) or 79805 (Side X Side) plow bases
AS Not compatible with 2.5ci or A2000 Winches
AU Must use appropriate ATV blade and base/tube assembly
H Not compatible with WARN bumper
L This kit requires using a WARN ProVantage plow lift to raise plow
Y Not Compatible with Manual Plow Lift
M-Th: 7am-11pm EST
Friday: 7am-7pm EST
Sat-Sun: 8am-7pm EST

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