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With this Warn ATV ProVantage plow blade conversion kit you can get even more functionality out of your plow blade. For many years WARN has been pressing the edge in developing quality ATV plow systems that are functional, practical and affordable. The WARN ATV ProVantage plow blade conversion kit converts your seemly ordinary plow blade into a highly useful plow bucket. After installation you’ll be able to take your WARN ATV bucket and easily dig and or transport loads to and from anywhere your ATV can go. This WARN ATV bucket system saves you countless hours of back breaking work. Whether you are moving mulch, dirt, rocks or anything else, the WARN ATV ProVantage plow blade conversion kit is a wise choice investment that pays for itself in the amount of work and strain you’ll be saved from.

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The WARN ATV bucket system comes in 3 different sizes and can be installed and converted on and only on your WARN standard ProVantage straight plow blades. Lets not forget to mention how easy the WARN ATV bucket conversion kit is easy to install. Anybody can install their WARN ATV bucket conversion kit as in little as 20 minutes! WARN engineers took the type to find and easy and secure way to attach the conversion kit to your existing straight ProVantage plow blade by the use of bolts. There are a few different pieces that come with the WARN ProVantage plow blade bucket conversion kit, including: Side walls, wear bar extender, lever system (dump arm) and a simple handle string.

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