Journey P350 Tire

Journey P350 Tire

Journey P350

Vision ATV Tires - Journey P350 Tire

Journey P350 by Vision is a 6-ply tire which is sturdy and powerful enough for ATV. It can take on higher inflation pressures and its unique tread design offers a sure grip when driving on dirt roads.

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Part# Size Ply Pattern
W350258126 25X8-12 6PR P350
W3502510126 25X10-12 6PR P350
W350269126 26x9-12 6PR P350
W3502610126 26X10-12 6PR P350
W3502612126 26x12-12 6PR P350
W350279126 27X9-12 6PR P350
W3502710126 27X10-12 6PR P350
W3502712126 27X12-12 6PR P350
W350279146 27X9-14 6PR P350
W3502711146 27X11-14 6PR P350
W3502710146 27X10-14 6PR P350
W3502712146 27X12-14 6PR P350
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