Journey P341 Tire

Journey P341

Vision ATV Tires - Journey P341 Tire

Journey P341 by vision provides a high performance tire and heavy duty tire made especially for ATVs, thus can protect and accommodate higher inflation pressures. It has a rough tread pattern. This feature ensures good traction off road in mud and harsh terrain.

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Part# Size Ply Pattern
W341238114 23X8-11 4PR P341
W341238116 23X8-11 6PR P341
W341248126 24X8-12 6PR P341
W341249116 24X9-11 6PR P341
W341258126 25X8-12 6PR P341
W3412510126 25X10-12 6PR P341
W3412512106 25X12-10 6PR P341
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