V-Force Reeds

V-FORCE Reed Valve Systems

Moto Tassinari has long been The Leader in Reed Valve Technology and that continues for 2009. While the heyday of 2-stroke racing might considered a thing of the past in the professional ranks to a few, that hasn't stopped Moto Tassinari from continuing to build on the strong foundation of working with all the top Factory Race Teams. During it's development the VForce3 Reed Valve System was tested heavily by the likes of Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart as well as a host of other heavy hitters. This design has seen further refinements aimed at increased performance while maintaining superior durability. Moto Tassinari remains heavily involved with reed valve development creating a line of scooter valves as well as a top shelf private label program exclusively for the scooter market. The VForce reed valve system is thoroughly tested on the dyno and in real world racing conditions to ensure both maximum performance and durability are acheived.

Ever since Moto Tassinari introduced the VForce reed valve for the Yamaha Banshee it has become extremely popular. Our VForce3 Reed Valve System is so popluar that it is actually our number on selling reed valve. The VForce is often the first modification that a new Banshee owner will put on their machine. In a test that appeared in Dirt Wheels magazine, dyno testing showed an average gain of almost 3HP in the bottom and midrange and also reported a significant boost in throttle response. The VForce reed valve system is by far one of the most effective bolt-on perfromance products it can ever install on every ATV. Installation is quick and simple. If anyone have ever changed or checked the reeds than a rider know enough to install the VForce reed valve system… it's that simple. We now offer a model for the Yamaha Blaster as well. The VForce reed valve also helps wake-up all Polaris 350/400 2-stroke ATV's by creating wider peak power and cleaning up throttle response.