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The Super Swamper TSL Vampire is a real beast alright...but don't worry it doesn't feed on blood, just mud, dirt and rock. These Vampires are as rugged and vicious as any ATV or UTV tire you will find. The deep cavernous lugs give longer tread life with the 43/32nds of tread depth and absolutely unsurpassed forward, reverse and lateral traction. The Vampires are so solidly constructed that they continue to run under most load conditions even when punctured. Actually, as long as the Vampire does not become unseated from the rim, this tire will bring you out of the thorniest situation and get you home...without air.

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Super Swamper TSL Vampire Specs

Size Interco Number Weight Tread Ply Skid Depth Tread Width O.D. C.S. Rim Max PSI Max Load
25x12.00-12 VAM-20 30 4 43/32 11.3 25.3 11.70 12x7 5 430 lbs.
25x9.50-12 VAM-23 23 4 43/32 8.1 25.0 9.00 12x7 5 355 lbs.
27x10.00-12 VAM-36 25 4 44/32 7.5 26.8 9.00 12X7 5 400 LBS.
27x12.00-12 VAM-38 32 4 39/32 12.0 27.0 12.20 12x7 5 480 lbs.
28x10.00-12 VAM-39 EDL 37 4 64/32 8.5 28.2 8.70 12x7 5 390 lbs.